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Proposed Elk Grove Unified School District’s School Facilities Needs Analysis (November 2005)

The BIA is suing Sacramento County over the approval of an ordinance that requires new homebuyers to subsidize the construction of low-income housing. The following document is the letter sent to the County notifying them of the lawsuit. Sacramento Board of Supervisors Letter

  • Here is a copy of the lawsuit
  • Here is a copy of a letter from the State of California detailing how inclusionary zoning is not required by state law and in fact may impede the development of housing.
  • Here is a copy of the Executive Summary of a Study by the Reason Foundation showing how inclusionary zoning is a failed policy.
  • Here is some more information about inclusionary zoning.

Sacramento Region Economic Study. The Sacramento Region’s Economy benefited from new home construction valued at more than $7.4 billion dollars, 66,000 jobs and $879 million in Federal, State and Local Taxes generated. Click here to read the Report by CSUS Professor Dr. Robert Fountain.

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Inclusionary Zoning: A Public Policy Failure

A recent study found that inclusionary zoning is a poor affordable housing producer; imposes huge costs on middle-income homebuyers; and robs lower-income homebuyers of equity. The study, Housing Supply and Affordability: Do Affordable Housing Mandates Work? was prepared by two San Jose State University economics professors.

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The Full Study From San Jose State University
The Executive Summary of the Study
The Issues Brief
An update of the Study for LA and Orange County
Few industries are as influenced by local government regulations, fees and policies as the building industry. The BIA serves as the representative voice of members within its northern California multi-county region. The BIA’s Government Affairs staff and volunteers diligently fight for the interests of the building and its associated trades and professions. They work closely with local government staff and elected officials to help mold the policies and their impact on our members.

Economic Benefits of Housing in California Update – March 2004.

This report serves as an update to the 2003 report also entitled The Economic Benefits of Housing in California. This report prepared by the Sacramento Regional Research Institute and Dr. Robert Fountain, concludes that New Housing Construction contributes $59 billion to the California economy, generates nearly 526,000 jobs per year and constitutes nearly 2% of the California economy.